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Kennel Staff

Angel Smith

Assistant Kennel Manager

Angel started as a kennel assistant in January 2016. She has since become the assistant kennel manager. She enjoys spending time at the barn and riding her horses. She wants to become a veterinary technician one day and would love to work with horses and other large animals.

Stephen Wilson

Stephen is a 2015 graduate of Cartersville High School. That same year he came to work for Bartow Animal Hospital, joining his brother Britt, who works at Bartow as a technician. Stephen lives at home with his mom and dad, Britt, and three dogs.

Alexander Stetsenko

Alexander, a native Russian, is a former member of the Junior and Senior gymnastics national team from 1985 through 1993. He was the European Champion on vault and team competition in 1989 in Nantes, France. He graduated from the Physical Sports Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1996. He joined Bartow Animal Hospital in 2007, where he loves working with animals. Alexander also works for the City of Cartersville Parks and Recreation Department. His wife owns a hair salon in Rome, and together they have a teenage son and two beloved cats.

Sydney Howell

Sydney is studying Biology at the University of West Georgia, where she also played 4 years of collegiate softball. She has plans to apply to a veterinary school within the next year. She is a proud parent of a boxer named Krank, a hedgehog named Cornelius, and two leopard geckos named Lenny and Jaws.

Camey Kirkland

Camey is a 2014 graduate of Cass High School. She is currently attending Georgia Highlands. She joined Bartow Animal Hospital in October of 2015. She is currently fostering a German Shepherd, Daphne. She will soon adopt her to be her own. She lives at home with her parents, and her sister.

Trenton Knight

Trenton is a member of the Cass High School Class of 2016. He started working at Bartow Animal Hospital in 2015 and plans to attend Kennesaw State. He lives at home with his parents, brother, four dogs, a horse, five turtles, four ducks, and a pig.

Emily Willingham

Emily earned her Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia Highlands College before joining Bartow Animal Hospital in 2015. Emily keeps busy with her twin brothers, and while she doesn’t have any animals of her own at home, she loves taking care of our fur friends who board with us.

Deanna Oaks

Deanna is California born and raised with a passion for animals. She has a dream to open her own shelter and veterinary clinic one day. She is a mom of Bear, a chocolate Husky puppy and her two cats, Wiley and Boots.

Elana Newman

Elana is a college graduate with a bachelors degree in Biology. She wants to eventually move up in this hospital business or go into research within mammalian or marine biology.

Garrett Brookshire

Garrett will be a graduate of the class of 2017 at Cass High School where he plays baseball for the school. He has a German Short-haired Pointer and loves all animals.

Tatum Morson

Tatum has been a kennel assistant at Bartow Animal Hospital since January 2016. She enjoys spending her free time with friends kayaking, sitting by a fire, and cooking out. She also enjoys spending time with her two dogs Remington and Apollo.

Connor Potts

Connor is enrolled at The Galloway School in Atlanta, class of 2017. Since she was a little kid she has always been passionate about animals. She loves cats and owns a sweet little gecko named Ziggy.

Carlos Lucas

Carlos is a graduate from Cass High School. He has always been an animal lover so he found this hospital would be a good fit for his interests and it helps him put his bilingual abilities to use. One day, he hopes to be a professional fútbol player but right now he is enjoying playing with puppies.

Kary Salazar

Kary is a native of Costa Rica, but has proudly hailed Cartersville as his hometown since 2005. He speaks both English and Spanish fluently. He is passionate about the well-being of all animals and enjoys helping his co-workers care for your furry family members. He and his wife of eight years have their own furry family--several Chihuahuas, a Pomeranian, a Terrier Mix and an Australian--Shepherd - Red Heeler Mix.

Emma Henry

Emma currently attends Georgia Highlands as a sophomore. She is currently studying Biology. She has one dog named Gidget.

Megan Morneau

Megan started working for Bartow Animal Hospital in September of 2016 as a kennel assistant. She is currently a senior at Cartersville High School. She has 3 dogs, Chewy, Paisley, and Jack. She likes to spend her free time at her barn.