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Tyler Brookshire, Lead Assistant

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Brad Serpa

Brad graduated from Cass High School in 2007. He concluded his pre-vet studies at Kennesaw State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in the fall of 2014. He has been dedicated to the healthcare and the well being of the patients of Bartow Animal Hospital since August of 2007. Brad is married with three cats, four dogs, and lots of fish.

Britt Wilson

Britt is a native of Cartersville, GA, and graduated from Cartersville High School in 2011. He is currently seeking his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Kennesaw State University with aspirations to attend veterinary school. He resides at home with his parents, brother, and his 3 dogs. He has been a member of the Bartow Animal Hospital family since 2008.

Leticia Bongiovanni

Leticia is a California native who moved to Georgia in 2006. She attended college at Los Angeles Pierce College, and UC Davis University, where she was enrolled in the RVT (registered veterinarian technician) program. Leticia has been with Bartow Animal Hospital since 2013. At home she keeps busy with her children, Megan, Sarah, and Jacob, three dogs, and three cats.

Mary Ellis

Mary, an Air Force brat, graduated from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College with an associate degree in Animal Health Technology. Mary worked in the veterinary medicine field for nearly ten years before joining Bartow Animal Hospital. Mary lives near Barnsley Gardens with her 7 dogs, 5 cats, 3 turtles, 2 lovebirds, 100 guppies. In addition to her work at Bartow, she enjoys reading science-fiction, gardening, and church.

Stephanie O’Neal

Stephanie was born and raised in Cartersville, Ga. She started working at Bartow Animal Hospital in the fall of 1997 as a kennel assistant and moved up to a veterinary assistant after a short period of training. Stephanie is married with three sons. They reside in Cartersville along with their four Great Danes and Beagles.

Sheri Hanyok

Sheri has been a veterinary assistant since 2010 when she lived in Ohio. She is married and has two daughters, two cats, and one dog. One day a week she assist Dr. White at the Etowah Valley Humane Society.

Lauren Lam

Lauren graduated from Cass High School in 2012. She joined Bartow Animal Hospital in 2015. Lauren is married with a young daughter, two dogs, and one cat, and LOVES Chihuahuas.

Sydney Howell

Sydney is studying Biology at the University of West Georgia, where she also played 4 years of collegiate softball. She has plans to apply to a veterinary school within the next year. She is a proud parent of a boxer named Krank, a hedgehog named Cornelius, and two leopard geckos named Lenny and Jaws.

Trenton Knight

Trenton is a member of the Cass High School Class of 2016. He started working at Bartow Animal Hospital in 2015 and plans to attend Kennesaw State. He lives at home with his parents, brother, four dogs, a horse, five turtles, four ducks, and a pig.

Chelsea Meredith

Before working at Acworth Animal Hospital, Chelsea also gained experience with animals at Averill Animal Hospital. She has 4 dogs named Cokie, Heckler, Georgia and Copper.

Christina Pieretti

Christina is enrolled in Penn Foster. She joined Lake City Animal Hospital in January 2013. Christina has three dogs – with a special affection for pitbulls - and one cat.

Elana Newman

Elana is a college graduate with a bachelors degree in Biology. She wants to eventually move up in this hospital business or go into research within mammalian or marine biology.